The black snake cometh and we goeth

Razor wire
And robocops
Thats the life thats guaranteed
The planet reeling
From the oil
The coal
The fracking
YES Indeed

The thugs
The Dapla security
Paid with dirty oil money
AMerica land of the free
Oil pipes leaking

This is the future
Thanks to you
From the corporates who
Tell the government
What to do

It isnt ISIS
Its not IRAN
And its not RUSSIA
Its another man
An american corporate CEO
Who if there’s a leak
Wont want to know

When the water is black
Like FLINT then we
Can buy bottled water
From Nestle who be
Ready to Sell at the
Highest cost
Democracy is all but lost

I am an elder
A victim too
I am veteran
Who knows what to do
I am just human
I live here
Knocked to the ground
And living the fear

Taized till my heart
Is paining me
And maced in the face
In the land of the free

I fought in Iraq
The shock and the awe
And returned home
But whatever for

The country I risked my life for
So little for me
Despite all its prayers

Corruption is rife
Us veterans we
Are tossed in the streets
For all to see

We beg On the sidewalk
And people have spat
In my face like the mace
I know where I am at

If tHis is freedom
If this is life
I want no more
Of this corporate strife

DAPL robocops
Where were they
When I was in IRAQ
On patrol everyday

Mates being blown up
People on fire
Not all that different
From this razor wire

People in prayer
UnArmed In the snow
Beaten with batons
No where to go

These are the brave men
The robocop brigade
As we lay on the field
No one comes to our aid

They tread on us yea
Like shit under their shoes
We know now
we really have nothing to lose

Treaty land means nothing to the oil men
Nothing at all neither do any of us

We may as well due in the snow

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