The Rowan is a faerie tree
An ancient sacred soul
Its seems it originated
From ambrosia the goal
Of the goddess Hebe
In Her magickal chalice
Lost a cup to the demons
And charged her eagle
To get it free

In the fight
with the demons
its feathers
All got torn
They Fell to earth
With lots of blood
And A Rowan Tree
was born

Its leaves are shaped
Like eagle feathers
The pomes came from the blood
And each pome bears
A pentogram
So much so
A flood

Of little trees, are everywhere
And recognised to be
Magickal and faeries like
This lovely little tree

The lady of the mountain
For great heights they attain
Ash like from the rose family
And charming is the gain
Of bards and poets everywhere
It may just be our tree
It represents fhe dragons
And the serpents too who be

THe goddess Brigit loved the Rowan
Its name linked with the NORSE
Runa meaning charm
It was also used ofcourse
For divining metals
And druid ceremonies
Protection against the evil eye
And other remedies

In churchyards to watch over
The spirits of the dead
To ward off false enchantment
And, that being said
Number 2 in the ogham list
LUIS Is its name
Bringings protection to ones dwelling
Where it grows another claim

Its a hard wood used for walking sticks
For carving and handles for tools
Sorbus acuparia THOR tis said he calls
As he is falling clutching a ROWAN tree
Which saves him from a fated death
Isn’t that

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