Rome and the murmuration of many

Nature paints her pictures
Across a Roman Sky
The embodiment of living
With the questioning of why
The mimicry of millions
With the artwork of them all
A constantly moving tapestry
A collage that does call

Out so many winged souls
The starlings who portray
A visual explosion
In the sky so many play
The cloudscape whilst remembering
What went on,during the day

A vast wash of tempura
And a wild artist
Whose brush
is seldom ever dormant
Behold the greatest rush
Of spirits and of flapping wings
And hearts of too and fro
Some settle down on trees in Rome
As many of you know

A great play of shot colours
A kaleidescope we see
Multi coloured ribbons
A rainbow symphony
And Tinting touching murals
Of confounded mystery

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