Eternity perpetuity
Who knows how long it all will be
Those standing stones
Above whose bones
The soldiers who once free
Stood with their king
About to bring
Credence to
Their cause
When a witch came by
And with a sigh
Turned them to stone
We pause

To imagine the outcome
Their regalia draped in dust
Standing in a circle
With true grit
And needs must

The energy its meaning
An innuendo to
Mysterious and mystic
Underground and true
Such a myriad of tunnels
Wherein we feel the power
And now we see the labyrinth
Which is our bird seed vow

Gazing over CHIPPING NOrton
A great cover of sky
A photo opportunity
For all The trees that ply
Grown to replicate themselves
Sentinels of green
Affirmative and agreeing
To shelter the scene

Within the treasured circle
In the caverns in the sod
Moles are seen to assert themselves
Their hills given to their god
There to trap the poor old bard
Who in the fading light
Might find himself flat on his arse
And how could that be right

We enter at the east portal
To the south the valley broad
To the west a line of stalwart trees
To the north the road

the clanging gate
And total darkness
Down to the Kings Stone
More grassy tussocks waiting
More than you could have known

A really significant skyscape
With interest near and far
To every crucial moment
Behold each twinkling star
Of cardinal importance
Crucial to the way
We saunter from our ritual
On a dark winters day

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