Rodeo is a Spanish Concept
Which influenced the US their
Stock Farms were required by law
From 1851 to share

A rodeo of sorts within the limits
Of their place
It was William F Cody himself
Who in North platte joined the race

That was in Nebraska in 1882
And cowboys from all over
Wanted to show
what they could do

Ego’s are exploding the menfolk
Took on board
A reason to show off their so called skills
And to afford

A kind of wild west showtime
for the best around
Any competing cowboys
with sponsors on the ground

The stock though
are the animals
The cows the calves
The horse
and to me that screams aggression
Of breaking in by force

What happened just the other day
Was a nine year old he ran
Into a wall breaking every rule
When the commentary began

“Treasure of Patience” was being ridden
A saddle bronc apparently
And clearly was in a state of upset
And So ended his life regretably

An experienced rider
not a young horse
Coming out to the ring
It was all about force

Controlling the animal
all of that skill
In an effort to breakdown
the poor souls will

Despite all the breeding
the wild DNA
Is very much in
horses even today

And in an enclosure
with the sweep and desire
With the noise all around
for a horse it is dire

And this soul was fearful
ridden like this
And clearly not feeling
the audience bliss

Its become entertainment
excitement and all
Bring the whole family
this is the school

Of thought it makes money
a circus of thrills
But really its all about
filling the tills

Its what men do
What do they do?
Show us that we
Can control a wild soul
With pure power we can free

The wildness and nerve
from a horse naturally
We can squeeze with our thighs
for the prize
That will be

Some bit of junk
on the mantle shelf there
Its all about ego
and not being aware

Of the animals fear,
of its pain of its heart
Of its soul urge to run on the hills
Just to start

its life to relax
to just be itself
But it ends gathering dust
on some old cowboys shelf

And along come the sponsors
heartless to choose
What is just cruelty
and I refuse

To believe it is anything
less than what we
Would expect from a pastime
for people to see

Slaves in the ring
like centurions they
Have to fight have to run
have to try and get away
To be roped and lassoed
and ridden and made
To do what the men want
thats their stock in trade

But this isn’t a stock farm
its a wild west show
You pay 20 dollars
to see the big show

all the fun of the fair
A great place for anyone
still unaware

And there we see horses
but do we see
They are the slaves expected to be
to these stars with big ego’s
Up against horses that want to be free

It is performance
interaction exertion
And labour
and all done with force
Subjection a kind of rough manipulation
To act to perform
and manoeuvre a horse

To achieve to accomplish to control
a big ask
To exploit and create
just any task

Commercialization the big compromise
The show must go on so its not a surprise
That live souls will object will get spooked up with fear
And panic when whatever is not very clear

Stirring and kicking
in a vigourous way
Restless and fretful
the animals pay

They feel hyperactive and react badly they
Are troubled and frantic and want out today
There is haste their is hustle they scramble and whirl
Its a race against time and clearly they hurl

Themselves every which way
trying to be
Once again in control
of themselves actually

And in this case a wall just happens to be
There in the way and a crash we all see
The horse is a gonna the victim in pain
Still instinctively kicking trying to gain

An escape from this torment this evil of man
To get back to the hills where his life began
We get a running commentary from some arse
Who talks about prayer and what will come to pass

It isn’t refreshing
to hear his sad drawl
In essence dear friends
what it does does appal

This horse ran the gambit
and found a stone wall
And the rider flipped off
saved himself from it all

What would we expect as a victim is lying
Clearly in agony death is defying
The slavery this horse has had to undergo
Filed under statistics all part of the show

Clear up the mess
get the sponsors on side
Bank all the dosh
the rest is denied

The electric prodders
exciting the fear
The kicks and the whacks
and now get out of here

The calves roped
and some crashing down in the ring
Pulled around just like sacks of spuds
that some fling
The dissension one feels and the hostility
The defiance and brazenness that seemingly
Insults the humane and we see assault
Bodily harm oh its nobody’s fault!

Its about submissiveness at any price
These are wild beings they are not made of ice
They have their feelings, and capitulation
Is not in their makeup its not their salvation
Prostrate they kick even so close to death
They will never be malleable losing what breath
They need to be getting until they succumb
To the ego of cowboys,and the rodeo scrum

This case and this poem has taken a lot out of
me i really feel that pain I dont know about you?

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