Rescued or are they?

Their expectation
was a future together
Instead we see consequence
which has descended
Not from good judgement
for no one’s defended
THe incalculable loss
As habitats ended

Rainforests brimming
with life just torn down
Great reference libraries
all seen to drown
In waves of emotion
and huge banks of fire
Leaving deserts of souls
with lives that are dire

Arborial apes
designed for the trees
Shaken and thrown
To the ground does it please
The shoppers in New York
or London or Rome
To use and abuse places
where creatures roam

Slash and burn
great metal dinosaurs came
Pulled up and knocked flat
the arborial flame
Tigers and pangolins
tapirs and all
Were trampled to death
And as some did fall

Were pushed into the fires
to burn all the day
Whilst others the victims
were hung out to pay

In Borneo tears fall
like rainforest rain
Those feeling the plight
of the victims we gain
Nothing but ulcers
and lots of concern
When these underweight animals
really they turn

To us for some comfort,
some love and some care
For out in the forest
there is nothing there
Bones scattered corpses
rot in the sun
JCB’s roll along
we know what we’ve done

Created a hell on this earth
and for what
Gallons of palm oil
when we have already got

Far too much palm oil
the corporates store
Case after case
and we still create war

Against all of gods creatures
whose tears we can see
Those chained up slaves
struggling to be free
From the shackles of human behaviour
out there
Destinies halted
as has all prayer

The only gods that we see
in this world
Are the corporates magnates
whose wealth has unfurled

I cry for my sisters
for what had they done
They lived in the canopy
under the sun
They never hurt anyone
just lived their lives
As their ancestors had
and now who survives

The new world order
the lottery where
Death and destruction
we all seem to share
The hope of this planet
Apparently seems
To be lost in the world
of commercial dreams

Of fat cats and banksters
who so only know
About ponzi schemes
and the way to grow
Assetts and profits
and stealth by design
We are all victims
soon on the same line

Chains around our ankles
a rock breaking task
And if we cant do that
then they will ask
Us to go to the camps
and be lined up and shot
For destiny’s child
will not expect a lot

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