From liberation to subjection and into restraint

LIberty matters
Freedom of action
To be given immunity
The satisfaction
Its what life is for
It is our culture
Somthing we adore

To just have that space
In the ocean of blue
A free fin to swim
Where we want to
Free born as the air
True emancipation
Uncontrolled uncommitted
Thats our true salvation

To be independent
And go on our way
Down in the depths
Or up in the spray
Follow the boats
Surf in the waves
Just to be free
With the rest of ourcbraves

Then onto capture
And that place TAIJI
Such a terrible threat
For those who nowcbe
Dolphins we shiver
And would refrain
From those vile banger boats
And the horrible pain

I call it compulsion
Coercion for me
The carrot and stick
Its their mentality
Duress they use force
They are heartless as hell
Harder than nails
Thats what i ‘ve heard tell

In the water they strong arm
They wrestle they fight
Force us to comply
They believe they are right
Bullies they are in every way
They pith and they wrestle and train
And then say

Extorting our freedom
Squeezing us dry
Hijacking our heaven
They ransom our sky
Invest in us coming
Pressing us to
Urging restraint
And making us do

What they want
Its all about them, everyday
They become master
We have no way
Of setting our course
Of playing our hand
Its do what they say
And its all underhand

We are their lap dogs
Skivvies in fact
Fed on dead fish
And ofcourse we react
We do what we are told
Or we just Don’t get fed
And the trainers get shirty
And we end up dead

In the cove many die
For sashimi we hear
And also for sushi
Yes its very clear
Us females must care
About all that we do
And look after our skin
Be one of the few

Subjected to sea pens
And training does do
A dolphin disservice
One must take the view
Total enslavement
Oppression control
Its a bit like a yoke
On the neck of each soul

Clearly its bondage
Restrained all the while
No depth to our thought
We cannot reconcile
Being dominated downtrodden are we
Browbeaten submissive
To each tributary

Drag at ones chariot wheels so to say
Each warrior listens but sadly we pay
It is domination thats what they do
Make us do tricks for the clueless to view
Kept in concrete tanks nothing living around
They have an embargo and we are bound
to be moved far away
To a hot desert where
We will be housed in a place
Of despair

Our pent up desires
must all be filed away
Restricted and kept
we have nothing to say
Exclusion orders
and real tight curfews
We mustn’t be seen
really after the news
Shy or reserved we are forced to be
Out in the spotlight
For punters to see

Just kept in custody
We are interned
Bottled up on a leash
Till we have learned
All of these man tricks
Arrested are we
Confined in ourcstrair jackets
Thats where we be

From the sea pens to
Bath tubs
Its done with a sling
We get beaten up by it
And lose everything
Its an awful carriage
And we get dry
Being out of the water too long
We jusr die

The price by that time
Has gone through the roof
They have to look after us
So on the hoof
They do
For insurance claims
Really can be
Over the top
When you come from the sea

We give no consent
They get no green light
To give ones approval
And then to invite
Empathy from them
These taiji trolls
Poachers like roaches
They do not have souls

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