A single minded commitment to the
People of the land
An unwavering tenacity
That all could understand
The privilege of being the alignment of the true
To have the manoeuvrability
And the leverage to pursue
The heartfelt and emancipated women of the day
Uninfluenced and free spirited in whatever way
Mindful of the history with a realization
That now
we maintain our liability and compassion
For just how
The establishment were gunning for her
That much she did know
She was the queens of peoples hearts
And that appeared to grow
Within her soul she knew he time was closing in on her
The powers to be were ganging up and she felt far from free
She never used a rule book
The queen and all the rest
Were clearly not amused by her
However much she would jest

In reality her beauty eclipsed the others she
Had all the grace in the right place
And had wanted to be free
From the shackles of the throne room
From the dungeons of despair
And must have known the tunnel
And the drunk paid not to care

A women who will never be forgotten by those who hated her
And those who loved her

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