We can bang on our drums
We can pray to the sky
We can talk up our treaties
As the embers fly
We can stand at the gate of our land
And proclaim
That we dont want the black snake
And its a big shame

We can dance on the snow
We can whistle our song
We can sing out our message
To you all along
We own this land it is our land to own
We can all beat a drum
To the tune we have known

Standing rock is at peace
With the corn in the field
Standing rock watches over
Each seasons yield
The flowers in the meadow
With the forest trees
We are in peace with the
Birds and the bees

We want no violence
No destructive force
We dont want tazers
Or tear gas at source
We come in peace with our drums and our orayer
PLease Mr Trump
Don’t put your pipe there

When the pipe bursts
All the sickly black ooze
Will wash to then fiver
Our lives we shall lose
Then ETP will be off like a shot
Not hearing our screams
And there will be a lot

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