Crown of thorns starfish

Apparently there is a phenomena
Out on the reefs thats is causing concern
With no brain to speak of
Just a cerebral nerve ring
And eyes on its legs
It thinks it is king

In large enough numbers
It can alter the balance
Of creatures that live
And engage on the reef
But for some unknown reason
Its numbers are growing
In numbers that actually
Beggar belief!

Locusts of the sea
Eating all in their wake
NEptune is shuddering
Not for their sake
Its all about murdering them
It appears
Though run off from sugar cane
May fuel our fears

Salt water is Yang
And sugar is Yin
Could it be that this run off
Is a mortal sin
In that changing the ph
Has Changed the way
That natural control
Till this time,could’t sway

And it now encourages
These souls to be
As happy as henry
The monster we see
On the barrier reef
Injections of bile
Were killing the starfish
But to reconcile
The cost of importing the bile salts
Was high
As was each diver
And that was no lie

Now they have discovered
White vinegar does
Kill off the star fish too
So theres a buzz
From science and chemists
That this might just be
The greatest white hunter
Now used in the sea

They also have “cotsbot”
A robot killer who
Identifies star fish
And knows what to do
My guess is its sugar
And run off thats caused
The problem and hopefully
That can be paused

Man is unkind to the creatures
Science is arrogance to
I have found
Corporates money
have nothing to do
With Nature or GAIA
And appear clueless to

The need to resort to
The signs from those who
Were the first people
The indigenous few
Who could read the earths signs
Based on instinctive thought
Which corporate Science
Has never bought

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