BO and BETTY and the circus

Pachyderms were never meant to climb
On tiny stools
Circus is an evil place
Where an audience of fools
Imagines that wild elephants
Would leave their asian home
To be chained up in a trailer
And not be allowed to roam

It does beggar belief
That human beings are that dumb
And the Universoul Circus
Now does provide some
Leased they are from other places
And clearly showing signs
Of anxiety and mental stress
And all of this combines

With lack of air and exercise
And noise and dust and pain
Clearly bullhooks are being used
And wonder dust to gain
Some semblance of less injury
But to anyone who knows
Watching animals bobbing
And swaying it does pose

Problems it is clear these gIants
Would not choose this life
Being on parade like this and motionless
Means strife
Is obvious their legs and feet
Suffer they are designed
To walk not stand there swaying
And going out of their mind

Circus is not for animals
It makes no sense at all
It may draw crowds of people
Who don’t think there was a school
Of thought to say it is cruelty
In their tiny minds
And the animals that kill their trainers
Thats when they draw the blinds

Go back some years to SHRINE Circus
Another soul called BO
Out of PEnnsylvania who was bullhooked
And did show
Aggression to his trainer
Killed him actually
Which was called a workplace accident
But its down to cruelty

These giants they are patient souls
Anyone could be
Full of angst and utter stress
And snap we all can see
It happening and then so often
The elephant is killed
Like TYKE she blew a gasket
And of course her blood was spilled

CIRCUS is passed its sell by date
Animals should never be
Holed up in these trailers
In chains no one should see
These giants in a circus ring
One hopes that one day we
will see these shows shut down for good
That is my earnest plea.

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