Anon the tree of life

Getting together
Slowly over time
A gathering we
Formed a grove of deciduous friends
A forest for the free

Expression of the lot of us
A community let’s say
Incorporating dwarf and tall
In a truely natural way

Each one an individual
A drawing in the light
A sculpture whose contrariety
Is an odd man out alright

Still accepted by this tribe of ours
Fulfilling all the laws
Within our many branches
The woodsman comes and scores

Time for us is everyting
Remaining in one place
We learn a great deal about ourselves
Our course seen in our face

Lichens come to decorate
Revealing in us they
Are fragile yes it can be said
Some come some go some stay

The endless stare of seasons past
The everlasting sigh
Storms come to knock us off our perch
Inside we do ask why

Being great light bearers
Who leave the forest floor
To fly into the heavens
To always want for more

To share our wondrous oxygen
And to mellow and mature
Our permanence is obvious
Unwavering and pure

Driving down our precious roots
To draw on energy
Waiting in the micrarizzal caverns
Where it be

The logger with his mechanized
Dinosaur that lugs
Across the forest tearing down the saplings
As if bugs

A nightmare in the making
A sap lust everywhere
The leaves fall in a screaming mass
Palm oil breeds despair

Magnates in their boardrooms
Rubbing their hands with glee
Living in their mansions somewhere
Near the sea

With servants at their beck and call
And money everywhere
When they look into their mirror
All they see is despair

Garden centres selling hardwood
Decking for to use
Great light bearers torn down
Really they abuse

The animals the forest the oxygen
The sky
But the magnates drive gas guzzlers
And some of them fly

Again off to Malaysia
To steal more wood to buy
This circle of arrogance
Where every single lie

Is Converted to an advertisment
For Palm oil in your cake
Or biscuits or your margarine
Its the branch of law thats fake.

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