A real understanding of animal husbandry

Among the indigenous people
Is an honest understanding
ICeland’s packs of horses
And Thailands Buffalo’s
A detailed understanding
Of the environment and how they can
Assist the domesticated souls
Which is a damn good plan

Its hard work with a ethic
And a realization
The bedrock of the actual care
Akin to true creation
The Buffalo ‘s are out there
In all that heat all day
But at night they are collected
And penned up so to say
To protect their feet
And help them rest
And give them a chance to be
Ready for the farmer
In the morning essentially

And its so good for the animals
Foraging all day
Getting their essential food
Which really is the way
And it helps to keep the weeds down
And keeps them rea cool
They can stick their heads
Into the mud and really over haul
The climate in so many ways
Its clearly a good idea
With a host of redeeming qualities
And I am very clear

That it gives the farmer some extra time
For other important chores
Keeping the night pen clean
And doing some work indoors
Its propitious behaviour
Semi wild should do
Staying much closer to nature
Which is really good and true

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