31 years

Perpetuity apparent
And the realization that we
Made decisions long ago
That may halt eternity
Arteries of agony
Chromosomes of care
Ancestry deep rooted
And ingrained now everywhere

Life force deemed suspended
Unrelated so to say
The need was to evacuate
And just all go away
Drop everything and leave this place
It became the zone
HEll not of your making
But where seeds of death were sown

Chernoby and nuclear power
And 400,000 souls moved away
Put in buses and tokd to go
The go ernment did pay
The beginning on an initiative
That might last 900 years
Fenced off and abandoned
With all the pent up fears

And so began the experiment
Uninterrupted monotony
A continuation of nothing
For all eternity
Structure being taken back
By Gaia and the friends
A meeting place for animals
With a message now that sends

Greetings to the further points of time
Fow what we see
Is a re-birth and an avidness
The cause of feral expression
For wildness and beyond
For an all embracing freedom
And no where to abscond

a framework in place
All humanoid
A city empty and bare
Nothing has changed
Just the emptiness
For the wilder folk to share

Nonconformists in many ways
Squatters if you will
For some accomodating
Dry and very still
For others it may take some time
To realise the use
Of what is adaptation
Or a Truly golden goose

The disaster was a reason
For the human kind to go
To leave the city every part of it
To really know
Now only the wild folk
Could live here and could play
At pretending to be humans
So lets observe them every day

The animals would carry on
The nuts the the fruits the flowers
It would be a shared resource
All deriving powers
The whole balance of nature
Would come into being here
And man would not be imbalancing
Or raising any fear

31 years have passed to date
And a thriving population
Lives and dies in PRIPYAT
Having found at least salvation
No hunting and no butchery
Just the animals to feed
A perfect balance and a lushness
With the presence to succeed

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