How can you live
in that space you create
In your minds eye
will you now contemplate

the families and pods
The misrepresentation
to all of its gods

The juveniles murdered
The pretty one’s sold
Slavery really
the japanese hold

Over the others the mercury laden
Then they pith
and they slaughter
Every old maiden

And each then are swimming
in their families blood
I reject all their culture
And your brains must be mud

There is no grey material
left anymore
And your hearts are so withered
and caked
up for sure

Your souls are so broken
your blood finds it hard
To flush out the toxins
precribed by the bard

The dolphins are dying
more so each day
And BROOME Is so wicked
she just looks Away

BRoome loves Japan
and the port of TAIJI
And lets down cetaceans
wherever they be

Your karma is overdrawn at the bank of life

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