The oceans are dying

The oceans are dying
So many are lying
Through their back teeth
Then on and beyond
Poachers and hunters
And criminal gangs
Are out illegally
The ocean hangs

On a pure equilibrium
NAture knows best
Though the great corporations
Are trying to test
The spirit
The absoluteness of the whole
Survival is paramount
Its our last goal

Eternity beckons
Is now moving closer
To catastrophe
The coming emptiness
Threatens us all
The vile waste of species
Extinction their rule

A great revolution
Out there
And the likes of SEA SHEPHERD’s
Nine boats who now share
The reponsibility
Of catching the crooks
There can be no amnesty
To cooking the books

Conmen are at it
Gangsters on board
The oceans are dying
No one can afford
Sad evil intent
At the end of the day
Species are being
Wiped out snyway

Gill nets and drift nets and seine nets
And more
Shark finning, whaling taiji
And we’re sure
Trawling the rampant desire to destroy
Blast fishing ignorance another ploy

The navy their sonar and testing galore
Then FUKUSHIMA, the PACIFIC and more
Oil slicks and low level waste
dumping schemes
The oceans are dying
And so are our dreams

Of a wonderful environment
Under the sea
Mountains of coral
Blooming they be
Sharks whales and Marlin
All living proof
That the oceans devotion
Is lifting the roof

A myriad wonderland
Bursting with life
Which our inhumane morons
Now cause such strife
We are at the crossroads
Or maybe too far
Down the road of exhaustion
As we really scar

The illegal fishing and poaching around
For SEA SHEPHERD to cover the ground
The Indonesians and Philipino’s
THe Japanese and of course Taiwan too
Factory ships hoovering the ocean
Gill nets and drifts nets all turning the screw

The oceans are dying
And I am not lying
For now what they do
Trash fishing
Baby fish a great melee
Of life which is true

It all Becomes fish meal and tragically
Its Sold intofish farms and shrimp farms
Boosting their margins
And their reward

Arrogance rules
Too many plunder
One of these boats
Known as the THUNDER
The coastguards are after it
But they are clever
Into ANTARTICA’s ice
They endeavor

Its what they try to do
And this ship is armed
Dangerous for the crew
The NISSHIN Maru taking Minke
For science
And Australia sits back with nothing to do
japan slaughters dolphins
Here there and everywhere
At least 20,000 each year
Again true

They are the criminals
Tuna again for their sushi’s
We see
Endangered species
Killed without quota
The Oceans are dying
And we shall be

The angels of mercy all vegan
And with it
Danger at every turn of which they know
The corruption the poaching the illegal fishing
If it carries on and the numbers do grow

Corals are dying arses defying
AUSTRALIA’s barrier reef
All but gone
Grey suits with little grey matter surviving
Corporate clowns now working upon

The roots of the sea the great mangrove forests
Being torn down
Not only small fry
caught up in this terror
But rising tides can then
envelop a town

OCean Warrior a new ship has Now just sailed
The Southern Ocean a fast ship and they
Must take on the Japanese criminal outfit
MINKE And HUMPBACKS whilst saving the day
Left to their own devices SEA SHEPHERD
Have to be pirates they have to fight
They out on their own and fight every corner
In the criminal darkness they are our light

Surely its logical so many parallels
No ones conforming its ruptured and wrong
So much disparity and irregularity
The rich Nations quota’s just dont belong
Its now indiscriminate and seas are exhausted
We are reaching a vanishing point and to be
Unless we do something and stop all this nonsense
The oceans will die so will we, so will we

We do not hold supremacy over the oceans
This is no victory not any more
We might preside over death snd destruction
Top level grey suits engaged in their war
Obliteration deduction removal
The expurgation of life as we know
All that is left will be total disharmony
As storm clouds roll in with nothing to show
No longer blue just black sludge and death
By that time dear souls we are fighting for breath
The rich corporations might sell us some or
Just decide not to anymore

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