The masked ones

This is what we are up against
The low life scare tactics
Putting the fear of god up people
With their sicko tricks
And, this isn’t funny
Its terrorising and they
Were masked and very forceful
Before they drove aWay

Their registration numbers
Were booked and we now all know
Who they are and what they do
And why they ought to show
Up and admit their action
To our brothers in the field
Who are compassionate and caring
And this has been revealed

Corporate civil servants
Of course are bound by law
To uphold the rights of people
Not oil the corporate war
MOrton Sheriff’s Dept
Has been asked to interview
These two so called criminals
Who clearly are askew

Anonymous is on their case
And has made the position clear
Unless they turn themselves in soon
They will truly fear
The consquences they are legion
Anonymous doesn’t forget
And we shall all be on their case
Thats one BIG karmic debt

Too far that really frightened
The protectors in their car
Blocking them with their vans
We know who you are
There is now no escape for you
So you better Charge them quick
Or their identities will be made known
For we never miss a trick

The world of social media
Will be on their case
We stand in solidarity
As part of the human race
And law enforcement has to be accountable to all
Not running around frightening folk
That has to be the school

Of thought now thats protecting
Our indigenous people, and we
Have had it really right up to here
With the likes of thee
The concussion grenades
This vile aggression aimed at the unarmed
The perpetrators must be charged
Our people who are charmed

We are the water protectors
WE have no arms at all
All we have are prayer sticks
We are peaceful as a rule
Even after rubber bullets
And bean bag rounds we know
No reason to get highly strung
Not if you soon show

Cowards with masks
Have all the asks
Threatening in this way
This is not the way you do it
And to you we say
Are you married ?
Have you families?
And what would you do?
If punks attacked you on the street
You would make their dreams come true

Which is only right

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