Research painted on whaling ships

The Japanese push science
Painting research on their ships
And harpooning the precious whales
On their living trips
Through the Southern Ocean
Where Australia should be
Putting in an appearence
But its not something we see

At the IWC they are adament
Whaling should be banned
Hiding behind the science label
Where arrogance has fanned
The flames and such emotion
Where its burning like the sun
Only sea shepherd is standing guard
When the day is done

Out there where the blood runs cold
Where harpoons and whales explode
Where ruptured giants face the wrath
On that frightening road
Where a whaling ships and their masters
Are lying all the way
From Japan to murdering minke whales
For consumption Whatever they say

And out of FUKUSHIMA radio activity
Washes into the Pacific this dire activity
Spreading every which way
In what are terror sweeps
So much intimidation
That even creation weeps

The so called technology
The sword of Damocles
Shitting bricks of cesium
Nothing can appease
The victims of the ocean
Self reliant who
Also contend with the Japanese
And their lowly crew

AUstralia can somehow hide its head
And carry on
Very good at mouthing thoughts
But up against it……. gone
No where near the whalers
Thats left to those who care
The angels of the ocean
SEa Shepherd who are there

A blaze of glory follows them
Vegan volunteers
Each wears their own halo
With their courage And their tears
In the forefront all commanding
The ardour snd the care
With reverence and honour
Of simply being there

Humbled by the task ahead
Protectors of the sea
The skull and cross bones
On their flag
Where they have to be
Modest self effacing
But pirates of the soul
Who are the true blown heroes
Out there wild and free

Where is the Australian Government
Paying lip service they
Quietly see BROOME’s sistership
And Look the other way
The antipathy that Japan causes
By its infamy
Remaining aloof and malevolent
To the great whales of the sea

They really are a hostile bunch
Incompatible to all
Aggressive and belligerent
They like to build a wall
Where nobody can see their antics
The massive bloodloss they
Create within the ocean
As the giant souls they slay

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