Polymers worth at least 5 quid

The polymer fiver
Is not a survivor
The uproar it caused
On the street
Tallow was used
Females were abused
And really it wasnt discreet

Rendered from animal sources
So many of them get to see
The idiots who take the milk
from their calves and their lambs
And eat steaks for their tea

They regularly use it in candles
And soaps that the commoners use
Its rich in those great fatty acids
So why not go on and abuse

Females who come from the farmyard
It just seemed a lovely idea
Its like sebum in our own skin
INNOVIA clearly was in over its head
Imagining that they could win

Then vegans got wind of the problem
And petitions were signed right away
We can’t have these animal products
In money now can we they say

Threadneedle street clearly
Was never aware
MArk Carney he too wouldnt know
Polymer pellets made out of animals
The golden oil that does flow

Animal byproducts clearly
Are ingredients now over used
People apparently get on their case
Working overtime just to abuse

Creating a market and reasons
For killing the animals they
Are busily increasing their value for
So the fiver almost got away

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