PAUL WATSON And SEA SHEPHERD and all the crew

What is absoluteness within the great oceans
The givenness offers perpetuity
The great whales the dolphins the pilots
The greys
So many species we enter a phase
Of continued slaughter
And science we hear
Is often the reason
Though that isnt clear

The nations still active in whaling
Their reasons are natural
And so to imbibe
The spirit of slaughter
They pick up the tab
And ignore the worlds edicts
As just so much flab

Enter one captain
With his heart on his sleeve
With a great will of iron
He is not make believe
He is real and is out there
To police the seas
To take on the poachers
However much sleeze

They make up against him
He and his crew
Are proud to be pirates
But what they now do
Is take on the evil
That clearly is there
And just run the gauntlet
Despite the despair

Rooted in sailing
And realization
Its no exaggeration
Just true salvation
A stong constitution
And a backbone thats tough
His ethos is caring
And sharing the rough

With spirit and humour
A vegan endowed
With a lot of experience
And has been showered
With radical feelings
And intellect too
With an ethos and upbringing
Thats good and true

He knows what he is doing
And gains such respect
The authorities view him
And may interject
But often they watch him
And allow him to be
What he does best at
Policing the sea

REykjavik harbour
Along time ago
Whalers were boarded
And sunk as we know
Somebody did it
We are not sure who
But that was the start
Of what he meant to do

Aggressive non violence
Their words not mine
SEa Shepherd’s militia
Something divine
Ships are their strength
And expertise too
And vegan volunteers
Who know what to do

Many are women
Committed they be
Saving the whales
Most do that for free
They take on the violence
It is what they do
And stand up to the job
And all that does accrue

Most wrongdoers know them
They know who they are
They do what they have to
No where is too far
The LAbrador ice sheet
MArch is the time
When the Harp Seals are nursing
Attracting the grime
Of humanity really
The seal hunting mob
With icebreakers costing
More than a few bob
Mounties on overtime
Whats it all for
To bludgeon to death
So many more

And Sea Shepherd goes out there
To hopefully try
And dissauade the murderers
Which is now why
Before they go in there the eco brigade
The unemployed rich who know Seals are laid
Out and dragged off of the ice for their skin
So that hags everywhere
Can commit fashion sin

And millions it seems
Are taken to bolster
The local cash streams
Keep your gun in your holster
It doesnt make sense the cost is immense
But they carry on doing it
Though there’s little sense

When you have vast experience
Out in the sea
You are seen by some to be a visionary
Loving what you do there’s an absolute need
Yo be good at your job
And to always succeed

To think out of the box
Some lateral stuff
It beats GPS
When the going gets tough
And Paul Watson has battles under his belt
And seemingly good hands he’s always been dealt

And so respected by those
Of his crew
They go with his nerve
And his strategy too
He has a clear mind
And is quick to create
A very good leader
Who can so relate

To much of the problems
That surface each day
He falls back on good judgement
Which is the best way
Its not taught in books
Its a mystical gift
A brilliant tactician
That really can lift

A crew out of darkness
He has a nose
Can smell out the bad guys
And that quickly shows
Draggers for example
On the Grand Banks
Up against real rogues
And very few thanks

They do look for trouble
But readily find
Trouble soon finds them
In front and behind
Ramming is illegal
As Paul WAtson found
He got off the charge
But its a battle ground

Destroying their gear
It has to be done
Otherwise the seas would be overrun
They are the deterrent
Its is what we do
People turn a blind eye
To PAUL and his crew

OVer to NEAY Bay the ATLANTIC grey whale
The IWC banned hunting the rail
Came off the endangered list in 94
When the local indigenous wanted some more
Action a mind for a criminal scene
Commercial whaling which hadnt been
And so we went up there
To give them some bluff
To play orca sounds
Their chances to scuff

Well it worked no whales were killed not at all
And the next year just one so the numbers dud fall
Not classed as commercial it died on its feet
All down to Sea Shepherd who turned up the heat
The North Pacific Ocean and drift nets where they
Hang floats 10 metres deep and drag on forever they say
40 to 175 miles of net the Japanese and Taiwanese
Will if they are let
Fish out these areas kill every soul
At least half is bycatch so we must control
These are true criminals sick to the core
All manner of reasons that most folk ignore

Curtains of death they are everywhere
Cleansing the oceans and causing despair
Its outright murder and tragic to see
And Sea Shepherd takes on these boats
Retrieving the nets and driving them away
Ramming their power blocks
Making them pay
The skull and crossbones is proudly displayed
In so many ways it is their stock in trade

All sorts of barneys with all sorts of countries
NOrway another a nation of whalers
They have had runins with the naval sailors
This is a serious business and they
Have to be up for it everyday
The Faroes those islands where fairies once were
In the mist and enchantment but really they err
Its so called tradition but thats not the game
They are throwbacks to evil minus the shame
They have no discretion their ethics are shot
Killing the mother and babies they are not

Human my thinking lost in the gore
They think they sre denizens of some great war
On the edge of a madness and venality
The unprincipled conscienceless
They show to each other by slashing the spines
Murdering whole pods we know the signs
They have no morality not any more
Those bloody killers who mock from the shore
Sea shepherd has been there with cameras in tow
Capture the action till they’re forced to go
A warship from Denmark and what do we do
Roll out some barbed for the boarding crew
Coloured smoke canisters for an effect
Hump back whale sounds someone might detect
They poison their children such arrogance rules
They are a bunch of inglorious fools
All parts of the world gets the Sea Shepherd call
The Galapagos the Cocos the sanctuary haul
Saving the oceans are what we are about
Thats in case anyone had any doubt

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