Its not really that far fetched when you think it through

The freedom that flight gives you
When we recall
Our great mother gave some
The right to not fall
But to fly and to soar
To be forever free
Wild birds thats their mandate
For eternity

Huge corporations soulless they be
Far removed from nature
And humanity
The revolve around money
Thats their desire
And their workforce
Of robots
Are born of that fire

Great lakes of acidity
Of low level waste
Stretch out across lands
Where once wild ways graced
And wetlands bring life forces
From far away
Like geese who may rest
Without having to pay

Mine workings radio active
Stretches the buman mind
But not our salvation
Vast toxic sputum concoted by
The corporate evil
That must ask themselves why

And people who know of these places
For they
Are many and varied in our world today
Vile manifestations of dangerous consent
Waiting to maim those from heaven sent

And this is what happened
In Montana where they
All of these snow geese
Wanted to stay
On metal laden water
And there they did die
700 acres of birds from on high

What price one birds life
Multiplied by them all
Build that into the costings
On what people do
MOntana Resources apparently tried
To save some but sadly
NAture has denied

What we should be doing
Is trying to see
To feel for the creatures around us
And be
Aware of their needs
Not create lakes of death
Its a fait accompli
Your life and your breath

Pipelines and fracking
And tar sands and more
With Natural resources
We all are at war
The birds and the bees
And so many souls they
Are losing their lives
On any given day

And it all has to happen
Its what we are about
Corporate profits
The concretion of doubt
They control governments
As such they break rules
Arrogance heightens
And we know the ghouls
Are raising their margins
And reducing the cost
And all this is hidden
Or otherwise lost

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