Flagrancy a close call

IN Louis Vuitton’s own words
“Rare and precious crocodile skin”
Is what they make some of their bags from
But for me its been wearing thin
Its shaming to create a fashion
In such a violent way
Out of sight in Vietnam
Where the crocodile does pay

It is true the rich and infamous
Delight in such a bag
Or belt or shoes of whatever
Where cruelty does flag
Up its true position
In farms for what is the way
“These rare and precious crocodiles”
Are harvested TODAY

The rampant exhibitionist
With swagger all the way
Pays their thirty four thousands quid
For a bag just to display
The torture that is behind all this
Out in Vietnam
Where farms are built on squalor
And the agony they cram

Into the whole process
On the pretence they are rare
Like sardines in a concrete pit
Its a wonder that they fare
In what is just a cesspool
For 15 months they stay
Bottled up in their own filth
Until judgement day

When the design house places orders
Thats when hell arrives
Thats when their heads are cut into
And a rod thrust through
Their lives
torn away
In the utmost agony blood dripping everyhere
And the men who carry out this work
Of terror and despair

Covered in their blood they are
And they watch The poor soul die
Slowly and in agony
As the rod is forced up high
And they wiggle it and scrape it
the pain must be intense
In honesty rich ladies this shit
it makes no sense!

And that you would buy a bag that cost so much
Shows me that you
Along with vile designers should sample the experience too
Be hung over a metal shelf and your ugly head cut through
Then thrust a sword under your skin and work it as they do
But actually you are not dead you will bleed out slowly
“Are rare and precious crocodile” and we think so much of you

Delusion of grandeur is that what you feel?
Hags with bags yea showing off
you think it does appeal?
To other hags with bags maybe’
but to those of us who know
What those animals go though
i can tell you its no show

Its offensive snd pretentious
with an arrogance too far
Its an insult to creation
and delight just who you are
These perfectly marvellous creatures
designed so long ago
And have not needed to be redesigned
that just goes to show

Yet All these so called fashion houses
call on exotic skin
So they can bolster their margins
and the bottom line can win
And you believe you are upper class
Up your own arse maybe
Thats my classification for you
You rank so low for me

In the gutter like these croc’s
Are having to be
Waiting for your order
When they know then they will see
Tortured to such an extent
Many skinned alive
Imagine that and think about a paper cut
Would you survive?

A half an inch of your skin
And they must expect it all
And they have a threshold to accept
Such treatment does appal
You can afford these thousands
And three croc’s they can die
You ranked highly in your world
But A vagabond would try

To not be in your company
Once he knew that you
Were guilty of such a crime against
A fellow creature who
Had just as much right to be born
As you
And to expect
To be treated well not sent to hell
For some fucking hag REJECT!

All these vile disasters
for hunan beings who
Love their self importance
And show it in what they do
You may be a self admirer
As you walk along the street
Looking at your reflection
When we know you are dead beat

2 comments on “Flagrancy a close call

  1. Kimberly on said:

    As always you go right to the point. .
    Thank you Rex and Stay safe

    • Thanks Kimberely you stay safe too
      Our beloved creatures wish they could be safe from these rich companies who indulge themselves in savagery and are paid handsomely for it .xx

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