Denver capital of Colorado

Thoughtlessness is prevalent
From the law enforcement there
To me its painstakingly obvious
That the mayor is most unfair
That a city with so many homeless
People should be awAre
Of those sleeping rough
Which is very tough
For the people that are there

In this day and age
Its off the page
For men and women to
To be so lost in the scheme of things
As to sleep rough as some do
Its not something that they want to do
And that law enforcement feel
Its right to come and take away their blankets
With such zeal

Sleeping bags and tents waterproofs
And shoes
Its disregard and uncaring
And I am sorry I refuse
To accept discrimination
On the evidence of need
Where is the lateral thinking
You would see your people bleed
The sophistry apparent
Is an unreasoned point of view
Divesting folk of essentials
Is cruelty and few
With a smidgeon of compassion
Would accept this rule of law
Its spiteful with the worst intentions
Its harassment and more

For officers to do this
Without question is to me
Showing that their training
Leads to impropriety
It clearly messes with their heads
Its improper and its wrong
It Is unforgivable
And should now not belong

In any course of action
These are homeless people they
Need their blankets to keep them warm
When they are on the streets for they
Its totally disrespectful
And those who make such laws
Are the ones who should be sanctioned
For not sorting out the cause

There but for fortune all of us
Could find ourselves as these
People clearly down and out
Are being asked to freeze
Its despicable behaviour
Aligned with treachery
With being wholly wicked
Tantamount to flagrancy

I shall post this poem widely
On twitter and let them see
What Denver does for its poorest
Cares little obviously
And so the callous law enforcement
Are mindless pitiless fools
As guilty as the day is long
So brainwashed by these rules

Tell your bosses that its wrong
Its misguided and you care
You are not prepared for this evil stuff
The programme is unfair
It can only lead to deaths
And sadness for those Unfortunate few
And you would rather leave the job
Than do what they are telling you to

Stand up and be yourselves!

2 comments on “Denver capital of Colorado

  1. Sara Lordonsuperb on said:

    We as society must stand with the weak The suffering We must remember our humanity!

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      For an authority and the law enforcement to steal the homeless peoples blankets and sheet is a violation of human rights the police should have more guts and sense where is their true moral fibre it seem the US police force and robotic wimps carrying out the work of the ignorant corporate councils

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