VISCUM ALBUM And the wild birds

A reciprocal relation
And functionality
Is seen a lot in Nature
Its complementary
And honest interconnection
Really answering to
Need for where there is wildness
The weak may not get through

The mistletoe a parasitic plant
That likes to grow
On trees with nuts or berries
Or fruits for as we know
Outside the wind and rain can be
Vicious and can mean
Without some help a foot hold
The chances appear lean

And so the Oak and the Apple
Attract the birds along
The Mistle Thrush loves mistletoe
And tells us with her song
She will take a cat on and
Put up a display
And has been known
To even frighten the human tribe away

For she loves to eat the berries
And sitting on other trees
Will pass them through her body
And the viscum then will seize
A chance to stick down on a branch
Its all done by design
GAIA Our great Mother
Sees everything is fine

Creating this consensus
Almost every day
And in Open woods this pretty bird
Has a lot to say
She sings her glorious melodies
When her task is done
And she also works with Holly
And Yew where dreams are spun

Quietly out of ear shot
In the lustre of a day
Pooping on the branches
And then flying away
TURDUS Please forgive the pun
It is latin for thrush
VIcivorus thats its title
And its always in a rush

In many ways its wizardry
Goes unnoticed by
The human tribe who walk the woods
Which my dears is why
The druids clearly realized
The magic that was there
This borrower of existing growth
Brings light to everywhere
Tis here today we come to pay
Respects and we can see
The ritual of the Mistletoe
And how it came to be
As sacred as the day is
In ancient druidry

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  1. Simon Cotterill on said:

    That is beautiful Rex xx

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