3 years old toddlers thats the emotional beings we call pigs

MExico you sicken me
The suffering that I now see
In your so called abattoir
Employing monsters who think they are
In a drama which is HELL on earth
Why would any soul give birth
Would any mother dare to be
Watching its child die terribly

A pig is intelligent and wholly cares
Emotionally with our children shares
With our toddlers yes of 2 or 3 watch them die
They are living breathing sentient souls
They feel pain unlike the killing trolls
Who clearly have a vacuum head
And must be the cast of walking dead

Those now eating pork abroad
In Mexico can you afford
The karmic debt and the agony
That these animals take on tragically
Its unimaginable how they die
There is no compassion my question why
All these animals are aware
And are tortured in frint of each other
They share

the pain the grief and the awful fear
Its in their face thats very clear
They are smothered in blood
That has rained upon
those on the hooks
Who are far from gone
Their blood is spattered everywhere
The walls are thick with it
Does anyone care?

They seem so vacant so pointless too
Clearly its torture all the way through
Piles of bodies blood and gore
All around the bloody floor
Its washing Really all around
All these workers to hell are bound
Even a child there helping out
Torturing pigs all laws they flout

Its government workers or so they say
Its hard to watch and who would pay
Slaughtermen to be like this
It really and truly is taking the piss
These pigs are screaming for dear life
And being given a lot more strife
There is no similarity
With anything I could ever see

Many arrive at the scalding tank
Alive and kicking to be frank
Stabbed in the neck and bleeding out
And thrown alive for a boiling bout
Its chaos its tumult and frenzy too
Every sequence and all they do
Is torture and thrust the knives and more
This is a blood bath filled with gore

Cows outside stabbed twenty times
And left to bleed out there are no rhymes
Capable of telling you
Of the hell hole I was invited to
Of the types of men I call them that
But they surely are monsters and that is that
Their progression up to hell
Is coming fast I do hear tell
No intervention no management here
To right the wrongs that are so clear

And what about the rule of law
MExico now are you sure
You really know whats going on
Or are you paid off to observe the con
Do you eat the pork with your knife and fork
To you chew their meat do you feel that heat
The adrenaline rush how it did gush
The fear and doubt it was about

MExico’s meat trade and all time low
Notbing could be worse and all on show
A multitude of sins we saw
And all of them they did abhor
I still can hear those poor pigs cries
Looking straight into their eyes
Bursting out with pink ado
At what the human put on view

Perpetuity isn’t long
But every single part is wrong
It is a totally unending strife
As we slowly force the life
Out of toddlers of 2 or 3
Hung up for all the world to see

The violence and severity
Turning the knife around to be
Causing such pain such an evil trait
Bumanity now cannot wait
I am overwhelemed by the top knotch force
Clearly with emnity at its source

What a way to have to die
Those last few thoughts and wondering why
Whatever god there supposed to be
Why in the end we have to see
Creatures broken and torn apart
Screaming their heads off from the start
How can carnivores let this go
To actually be part of the show
Blunt force trauma everywbere
And the terrible toxic coated air

This is murder Number One
That is when the day is done
All thise souls who struggle on
Until they finally are gone
All that agony and pain
The sound alone drives men insane
There is notbing worse that we could see
Than a Mexican abattoir take it from me

Video from mercy for animals
Government inspectors and slaughtermen
In Mexico

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