“To be or not to be that was a question”

To be in tune with
Where we live where ever that
May be
To still be on the level
Able to see a Bee
The Starlings or the Condors
Or the snakes that walk this earth
To understand the feral state
And why it has such worth

To see the clouds
To smell the trees
To love the grass
To know the breeze
To understand that
Conflicts lie
More with the humans
Who by and by
Have lost this urge
And freely flout
The animals that walk about

Who puts concrete really everywhere
And pipelines Promising despair
Who is money orientated
Agitated by
Peaceful protectors
Who live and die
So purposefully

Who hear the ailing Bee that comes
To them its like the haunting drums
Of freedom and their hearts desire
Who knows that lust disgusts and fire
Burns the forest
And Burns the soul
For the corporation that takes control

Threatens all of humanity
With arrogance and depravity

But they cannot see a fucking thing
Even when the pipe lines bring
Crude oil flooding everywhere
In their mansions they don’t care
All they ever care about
In their bold world of fear and doubt
Is watching fhe planet slowly die

Thats their objective by and by

When they can make money hand over fist
And any lost slaves they can enlist

So lets be the souls that walk the earth
However slowly knowing its worth

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