Utter mindlessness

A family outing to the woods
An idyllic atmosphere
Children with their parents
And a tiny little deer
Lying in the soft leaves
Clearly shot right through
A doe a Dee and female deer
What would they want to do

That I ask my inner child
My certain frame of mind
With natures bounty everywhere
And all of it underlined
How Anyone would take a gun
And end this babies life
Cause it’s mother agony
And cause so many strife

Oh it’s all about experience
The sensation of death
That sensory perception
As the poor beast fought
For breath
As its lungs collapsed
As the fury rose
As death with his sickle came
The beauty of the moment
And nobody to blame

All that understanding
And all on film to see
Clap the babies little hands
Show him how to be
A man is it a real man
When he grows up he will
Come out in the forest
And anything he can kill

It’s passionate it’s impressive
To gun down a baby deer
It’s rapturous and ecstatic
To see it lying here
To touch it’s still warm body
The finer feeling there
To cut the body open
And all its organs share

The stupor of the moment
A family lost in awe
A bunch of bloody philistines
More akin to war
Insensitive to a mother
Who would have lost her doe
Icebergs walking on two legs
As anyone can know

Unconscious of the moment
Unresponsive to my call
Intoxicated by the sight
Of something dead that’s all
If only it was still alive
In peace and in the wood
If only we could turn back time
That would be so good

Look children there is a baby deer
Feeding gently there
Isn’t it really beautiful
For us to be aware
Of nature and creation
Now wouldn’t that be a treat
But no it’s Bang your dead mate
Your death is now our treat

10 minutes you all sat there
The patience you displayed
Clearly a born hunter
One of the stocks in trade
The fierceness of this monster
The fright of killing it
Cutting back its little life
With all your hunting shit

And no regret just happiness
No self reproach can we
Imagine coming from this crowd
The illusion of the free
No ones apologetic
Though I am mortified
Feeling your exultation
That another soul has died

The finality of death
The wail of woe and pain
Looking up and seeing
A bunch of the insane
Shooting at one’s baby
Seeing it laying dead
Kicking just a little
That really has led

The mother to be beside herself
Whereas the human souls
Are happiness personified
Each taking their roles
Assassins of the forest
Threnodic through and through
Let’s gut the beast
It’s all on film
That’s what hunters do

Children being carried
Have eyes and minds of course
Their little hearts so mindful
Of what is the full force
They see but cannot express their thoughts
They have all been shouted down
By the big adults all such insults
Especially the clown

The tedium of watching
The uninspired awake
Their wearisome suggestions
I think they all are fake
Being actually mindful
Of the forest and those there
Would rather sink down on their knees
And offer up a prayer

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