The Pilot whales

To those bloody thirsty men of war
Who turn the great whales into gore
Blood and snot and agony
For the social classes of the sea
The Faroese their culture stinks
And of course there are now links
With contamination and toxic waste
Consuming them it must be faced
Science tells us the Mercury
The PCB’s and the PLP
The flame retardants
Are evil they
Are killing the islanders more each day

They affect the brain
Cancer comes
Their immunity
Those crashing drums
Are heralding this new idea
That eating whale is causing fear

The so called grind
Of 800 whales
The publicity it now derails
The economy It’s a waste of time
The death and destruction
Amidst the grime

Killing great pods of animals
In their environment the heightened fear
These are sentient souls
With Social strength
Mostly females to a greater length
Of love and care and what do we do
We drive them and slaughter them
It is true

In front of each other mother and child
Sons and daughters these are wild
They cry they scream they so lament
So that blood thirsty men can feel content

They wade into the sea
With their spinal vamp
Sand in the eyes of the whales
They champ
at the bit
They falter their fright all see
Except those whalers far from free

Brain dead psycho’s polluted so
With pounds of contaminants
Which actually grow
Stronger in their tissues
It’s madness to see
These beautiful creatures
Killed whilst free

Science has made it abundantly clear
Our killing methods spread spread the fear
In The north west Atlantic nobody knows
How many pilot whales are left
It shows
How arrogant man has become
How ignorant how completely dumb
The blood thirsty men of the Faroes are
And the Japanese sailors who also scar

The oceans sinking the Minke whales
Harpoons a flashing over the rails
Exploding inside the greatest of beast
The agony runs from west to east
Norway another nation who
Stops at nothing to run them through
800 or so whales shot away
Some sold to Japan if Japan will pay

Nations of thicko’s
Prepared to risk
Eating this whale meat
If we could frisk
These blood thirsty groups
And make them see
They are killing themselves now

The Faroes really could make their play
For doing whale watching
Making it pay
For that kind of involvement
Which could soon be
Helping the present economy
Tourists would flood in
To watch them go
The pilot whales
Put on a show
Killing and eating the toxic waste
Is really disgusting
It has to be faced

The cetaceans are high born
Creatures with soul
Amazing intelligence
That is their role
And Faroese grind people
Blood thirsty men
Who leap into water
They know just when
And savage the pods
The females they tear
Murdering the pregnant
How is that fair

If they were sentient
They would hear
The cries of the mothers
The shock and fear
Blood in the water
The slaughtering on
One after another
Till all life is gone

They swim together
With a very strong bond
They won’t leave each other
For they are fond
It’s abundantly cruel
It’s evil stuff
And really and honestly
we have all seen enough

800 females suffer this way
Babies a lot of them
Killed in one day
Imagine that fraughtness
Imagine the pain
All killed together
And what is our gain

Polluted blubber
Karma is instant
Karma!s not cool
It is accumulating in their tissues
In bones and in fat
This story is not tall
It’s costing the earth
It’s a sickening scene
The grind it should stop
For its truly obscene

The ugliest slaughter
The vilest of crime
And you are being made sicker
Time after time

Whale watching is the answer
For goodness sake wake up
And save the whales and your children

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