The great mother pays a lot for our filthy energy

The disharmony of excavation
The chaos of it all
Boreal forests wasted
Their systematic fall
That great expanse and web of life
That Was Infact once there
Torn up and destroyed by those
Who were totally unaware

A total rape was underway
A monstrosity was born
They scarred the earth forever
Root systems all were torn
Out exposing the bitumen
The sand and all about
An industry of evil
That Answered to the shout

Tar sands stretched out enormously
For many thousand miles
There would be no restoration
And who now reconciles
The ugliness the vile intent
To strip the top soil bare
To corrupt the natural construct
Almost everywhere

There is nothing about eternal
It’s a prolongation stream
Of a now endless duration
You will hear the age long scream
It’s unending it goes on and on
Great wounds which can be seen
From space or so some now do say
Those I think who have been

It’s persistent and enduring
Entrenched in the dark
It really is unceasing
How it’s left this Mark
This vacuum this sterility
It took an unconscious mind
In the long run there is money
To be made
But we will find

The costs is gaia’s regeneration
Powerless in a way
Stripped of all emotions
And then being made to pay
A really bloodless exercise
In how one shouldn’t be
Guided or decided
Based on the infamy

The so called origination
At break neck speed it came
No long incubation
So no one to take blame
What was such destruction
The undoing of the whole
To me a cataclysmic setback
And a suicidal role

Clay minerals and water
An ocean far below
We abrogate the obvious
And let the waters flow
The luxuriance and lushness
Was gone for evermore
And in its place
Was purgatory
Just showing his face

Canada was earning
Such vigour filled the sky
It enlivened and it forcibly
Sent thunderbolts on high
The violence of destruction
An outburst of desire
Everything was turmoil
The tempest in the fire

A great space was then flattened
A wilderness so wild
It stretched across horizons
And soon became reviled
For all of the pollution
That stretched from near to far
Into the bowels and out again
An abyssal cavernous scar
Submerged and sunk and deep as hell
Trenches everywhere
Bottomless pits of profundity
And of course darkest despair

And onwards to a further place
Where the sand is all washed free
To form the crudest darkest oil
That ever there could be
Canada must look back on
The forest that was there
And realise to have created this
The water and the air
Is significantly damaged
And the people around a bout
Must be really worrying
And eaten up with doubt

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