Fresh donkey meat

Lines of frantic donkeys
At the roadside waiting
Their turn,to be butchered on the spot
Imagine that
What goes through their minds
See them twitching feel the signs
Of nervousness and not knowing
Where they are at

They are innocence its obvious
They have done no wrong
The meat trade welcomes all though
All animals belong
Meat eaters don’t you think it through
By buying into this
Don’t you
Become part of the crime itself
For without you it wouldn’t be
Insanity assuages them from thinking
All this through
As long as they can buy it fresh thats all they
Want to do

And all these lines of donkeys
Wait their fate as they
Must shudder at the very thought
And wonder why they pay
So high a price for their incarnation
In this world of woe
Sledgehammered on a roadside
Blatant and on show

Their blood being collected in barrels
So we dare
Think about creation and see the dark despair
These butchers on the roadside
In Hebei province they
Can carry on this slaughtering
And no one dares to say

Anything to anyone
Fresh meat that is the draw
In China It appears to me
Anything is the law

Down south it’s dogs
Up here donkeys
The meat trade’s premise sell
Almost anything that moves
They are butchers from Hell

They have no heart nor spirit
No mind to speak about
They must be moronic
For me there is little doubt

But it goes back to the donkeys
To the victims really here
What have they done to deserve this
The criminals are clear

The butchers and the buyers
For without them there is no sale
Life for them is pointless
It’s senseless this whole trail

What we do in our slaughterhouses
Behind the concrete walls
CHina does right in your face
And I am sure there are schools
of thought
On what is expected but either way for me
To support these fiends these slaughterers
Can never ever be

Justified its unstable
To carry on as we do
Those donkeys must feel terrible
Watching knowing who
In their right minds would allow this
Would not question it at all
Just buy it and take it home to eat
Surely that must gall

Any thoughtful citizen
And ordinary caring soul
And it takes plAce in plain sight
By someone with a role

Who does it for a living
To pay his rent and buy
Whatever actually turns him on
Can you read this and not cry

Cry for all humanity
Crying for equine souls
Who find their incarnation
At the hands of human trolls

The absurdity the ineptitude
For the miracle of life
Stripped away and plundered
So that profit equals strife

All animals care for each other
Their gullibility might be less than humans
But they are extraordinary
They do have intuition
Instinctive maybe so
But they demonstrate the need to work
As part of their flow

They feel pain of course they do
And to line them up and tie
Them together by the roadside
To witness each as they die
First and second and realise
They too will also be
Murdered at the fiadside
For everyone to see

And in such a wilful manner
A sledge hammer on their head
That’s no expectation
When you are half dead
At the hands of lunatics
Psychopaths maybe
On a different level
From the banksters
Who still be

Taking their blood money
Every single day
The police and legal people
Who look the other way
Whilst all this vile and darkly force
Takes out the meek and mild
Who have imagination
On the level of your child

Each donkey standing staring
In the sun must know
His head will get a battering soon
And he will have to go
To a death of such destruction
Such agony and pain
Watched by his surviving friends
Each suffering more strain

CHina your long history
Should have taught you, you
Have a duty really
To each other to be true
These donkeys they have feelings
and what this shock must do
Is not only add to the karma bank
But see all that’s overdue

I so feel immense sorrow
For all animals that we kill
By the roadside in dark sheds
Or in abattoirs we spill
Their blood now in great oceans
To fill the guts of man
Whose karma banks are overdrawn
In fact since time began

And all the while we buy into it

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