Reality some call it
A socialite we hear
A manufactured entity
From the television sphere
Her armchair audience
Fed on lots of TV meals
On expanding laps
Kind of wish for what she has
The kind of living raps

She finds herself immersed in
Kanye and the mob
Out on social media
And on Instagram
Each bob
And weave through the effusive froth of life
Surfaces and she
Uses the glitz and glamour
In the hope she can break free

Her fragrances her boutique shops
Her fortune in quick time
53 million dollars
It’s been a steady climb
Despite all of her successes
Fur still seems to be
Needed to wrap around her body
The death trade yes it be

Part of her whole makeup
She could have come to terms
With the animals she murders
Or their coats covered in worms
Were it not for the chemicals
For the curing and the rest
Like many manufactured women
She doesn’t pass our test

Her gluttony for publicity
Is clearly causing pain
Being rich and famous
Gets her treated with disdain
It’s really awfully vulgar
To witness as we do
The ugliness of beauty
Unlimited right through

She has become a victim
As conscience slipped away
It happens to the best of us
It’s shameful in a way
Pulled into the chasm
Of resentment and the rest
The opportunistic world of fashion
That will always test

The flattery and adulation
Bound to come your way
Is rapidly absorbed in grief
And lustre and a day
Will come when theatricality
Will catch up Yes it will
Unfortunately it happens to the best
And it’s no thrill

Then it’s exaggeration and showmanship
And more
Gaudiest and glitter
Rhetoric for sure
Rising out of nowhere
Into millions in the bank
All eyes on you forever
And as to where you rank

In everybody’s thoughts of you
Though many do not know
They may have heard your name somewhere
It came up in the flow
In the plethora of fullness
In some moment of desire
In the appetite of everything
In the lovelessness of Fire

To wear the skin of others
So brashly without thought
I feel somewhat dejected
By the spirit she has caught
That net of woven ugliness
She drapes her body in
The total denunciation
The travesty of sin

A name really to juggle with
For me I cannot say
I ever think about what she
Has got along the way
Trials and tribulations
Come to those who seek
Spotlights always on them
And paparazzi speak
For me she isn’t worthy
An artificial who
Plays the tables well enough
But clearly is askew

She could stand up and say aloud
Fur is not for me
The lambs that watch her every move
Might then agree to be
Free of fur forever
And In that light of day
She could do something worthy
For the animals who play

A part in all her being
They all seeing
Have become
Victims of her need let’s say
They help to bang her drum
Wearing skins of others
Who sacrifice for you
Not because they had too
Or they wanted to
But because you wanted their skin
All that blood and gore
Was cleaned away you never saw
It dripping on the floor

One comment on “Artificiality

  1. Alexia Abnett on said:

    Great poem once again Rex.
    Please wont you consider another Rhino one in Southern African Fight For Rhino?
    Love and hugs
    Lex xxx

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