The supposed moon landing

The conflict of thought
The arrogance sought
It’s the failure of soul
And the will to control
To inflict on us all
Really to overhaul
Our emotions in thinking
Science did call

A tune if you like
Call us out let us be
Pacified somewhat
The difficulty
No way to prove
Or disprove that they said
We went to the moon
And we were all led

Down the great garden path
To the place in the sky
Which was probably false
And there are reasons why
Perhaps Arizona
Was where they did go
Deceit was the prize
For those who didn’t know

With regard to the Amazon
People of course
They live and die in the
Great outside force
They see the moon that lights
Up their sky
And they have spent their time
Wondering why

They study the earth
They study the trees
They know every plant
And each spirit
The ease
Of growing and using
All those mysteries
Solved by them
They are adept
With such ease

All of their knowledge
Relates to the place
Where they live and die
It’s a logical space
In their hearts and their minds
To create and to learn
Masters of the forest
Who can discern

Every species without
Recourse to others who may
Have been to great schools
Far far away
Their school is the forest
Their school is the stream
The earth that they walk on
And each active dream

Why would you go to that great golden ball
That hangs in the heavens enlightening us all
When the great curtain closes and draws in the night
Why would you go there just to share its light
Few of you know the ways of us here
Each plant and each tree and each root
All are near
But without respect
For what grows all around
You reach into the sky
And your feet leave the ground

It’s another conspiracy
Many out there
A sort of false flag
This one was rare
There we’re many anomalies
Experts could see
They were not on the moon at all

Hollywood does have that
creative streak
We were all taken in by it
Clearly they did eke
Out of our mind set
That fantasy and
Set it before us
As if it was planned

The drama was evident
Staged excellently
The players were sworn
To complete secrecy
The representation
Evoked a strong scene
So much information
And the greatest machine

A great fabrication
The shysters were out
The mental dishonesty
How they did flout
Who were the laughing stock
Many me thinks
Perhaps wishful thinking
And unvarnished links

The indigenous questions
The arrogance here
Why would a nation strive to appear
To have the technology
To reach the sky
And to walk on the moon
With a glint in their eye

Whatever their reasoning
Arrogance sucks
They were never our mentors
It cost loads of bucks
But truthfully they never got off the ground
Everything’s hidden
It’s all the Unknown
Puffing themselves up
So they could disown

The question of why
The purpose of how
When so much remains
Undiscovered even now
Why reach for the stars
Why walk on the moon
Why geo engineer
Being so out of tune

With the local knowledge
The ignorant clique
The greatest charade
The lore of the meek
Distortion and vagueness
It was all a facade
Disguised by so many
Beings off guard

As to the indigenous
They Know so much
they feel some mendacity
Though they can’t touch
In many ways innocent
Of deceit and of lies
But on spirit based knowledge
Incredibly wise

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