The Navajo

What have they to show the Navajo
America that’s America is deranged
To think she can just take away
Their rivers that have now been changed
Cadmium and Arsenic Mercury and lead
Swept down from the mountain
Tragic was what she said

THe EPA director
As the river has turned to
A brilliant chemical yellow
Nothing to misconstrue
The nation of the Navajo
Incensed already by
The black snake threatening tribal lands
Up into the sky
The Dakota oil pipe frenzyThe Missouri River where
The mighty Sioux and 190 other tribes now share

The love and expectation
Each nation bothering to
Stand together
Fight together and not allow them through
The untimeliness of the corporate
The intrusion on their scene
The thoughts of the people down river
There really has never been

A coming together of hearts and minds
The rhythm of life and time
The land the precious land where they all stand
Such sweat and grime
Blood and snot and and drum beats
The permanence of now
The endurance of the mighty
Who show each other how

Water all pulsating provider of the health
Of every single organism representing wealth
To ordinary people to everyone alive
Who loves the land they walk on
And so wants to survive
Crude oil thick ugly stinking ooze
Obliterating all
Their preciousness and constancy
Each flag answers the call

Their unwavering commitment
It be a momentous act
A coming together of hearts and minds
How the ancestors react
The spirits of each nation
Are immutable and strong
This is their time this is their place
This is where they belong

This pipe line is hanging over
The combined destinies
Every soul is aching
And is feeling the great breeze
Threatening their existence
The darkly shadow comes
Writhing in its man made coil
Driven by their drums

The cause is set to energy
The corporate gloop of night
You can’t drink oil
Despite our toil
This pipeline isn’t right
There will be leaks there will be breaks
And who picks up the blame
Who suffers more because of them
The great eternal flame

That burns up in the heavens
The probability
It is an awful hazard
And could be the tragedy
Of tragedies forever
The decision to go ahead
The army Corp of engineers
Had put it all to bed

But they overlooked the people
The resistance so to say
The blood and guts of history
The dark along the way
The impotence of their moment
Such a forcible display
A coming together of all the tribes
Hopeful to save the day

Their vitality and spirit
A strength beyond the sky
The fire of life is with them
No one wants to die
To overlook the mother
To walk away and sigh
Forgetting all the hardship
That went on by and by

Being entirely arrogant
And ignorant as well
Being high and mighty
Bringing down a hell
Where paradise was fashioned
All those years before
This is sacred Indian Land
And really to ignore

The spirit and the wanting
Is a perilous display
And introducing violence
To peace activists I say
The corporate doesn’t realise
The enlivening desire
To walk together over this
And share the eternal fire

Storm troopers and robotic guards
The brainwashed clad in steel
The violent hand is raised to them
The severity feels real
The hell hound in the belfry
The retroaction here
Fighting the First Nations
It really is unclear

Great distances they have travelled
And a great camp has evolved
Harmonious and rhythmical
Together they have solved
What they see as disproportionate
Rickety and wrong
The risks to them are very high
The pipeline doesn’t belong

The earth is alive and moving
It’s prominence is sure
Each cave each grave
Those artefacts
The rule of less is more
The inadequacy of Science
A leap into the dark
All the physical features
Like an artery will mark

A way towards a vanishment
Covered over lost
Out of sight sequestered
And what would be the cost
For those who foresaw the outcome
With a diligence and need
With the watchfulness of the wise ones
WitH a conscience to succeed

NOrth Dakota to Illinois
1168 miles
ENergy transfer Partners of Dallas

Greetings to the Standing rock Sioux and Lakota Sioux
And all the tribes coming together
And to the Navajo with their fight against the spillage
Into their two rivers

We are all indigenous of somewhere so we are all sisters and brothers
And must stand together be together stay together x

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