The EU and the US tried by stealth
To run us down
Brought this so called TTIP
In red tape we shall drown
The crap about a boost
to all economies
Is all pie in the sky
And pigeons coming home to roost
The poor things all will die

It’s all been done behind closed doors
By unelected trolls
Heartless mindless idiots
Most without real souls
Brainwashed individuals
Who clearly do not care
They pay them sit them down
And tell them don’t go anywhere

You are chiefly robots
And robots have no say
Tell the people they will lose jobs
And, possibly lose pay
Tell them all the lies on earth
We have to get our way
It’s corporatism in their face
And all of them will pay

A price it kills democracy
And freedoms they will go
We have them by the short and Curlies
As some out there now know
Our new gods are the corporates
They will tell us what to do
Environmental protection
Will go and that’s do true

It’s going to lower standards
We are robots why would we
Care or want high standards
Forget it they will see
Profits rise like crazy
whilst wages hit the floor
This TTIP nonsense is an all out civil war

We have to stop its passage
We have to shut them down
They will be suing governments
And dragging our countries down
The banksters will be running
Our schools before we know
And hospitals and the national health
Are never going to grow

We have to stop this process
We have to stop it fast
Every piece of commerce
The die alas is cast
WIki leaks
Has warned us
Don’t trust the EU
And don’t trust the US either
They only want to screw

Every individual
Sideline us if they can
It’s all been done in secret
And of that I am no fan
Our MEp’s have no idea
Neither have governments read
They abuse yes trolls have spoken
The rest of us are dead

We have to stop the process
They have to see that we
The last thing on this earth of ours
Is the TTIP
The TIp and Tisa
They are all retrograde
We have to stop them in their tracks
Or on our heads will be laid

Negative confusion
And a transfusion to stress
It’s will be the death of us
Really and no less
A worry to our families
To our wages to us all
Don’t trust the bloody EU mob
Whose backs are to the wall

There will be no intervention
Once it all gets passed
We have to stop the process
Yes I am aghast
That any of us allow this
Because now if we do
Not get out and all fight this
That will be it for YOU.

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