Prince William

Prince William tells us
Like as if we do not know the score
They can talk whilst we walk our walk
For them it’s outright war
On wild souls in our forests
on wild souls on the plain
In the jungle everywhere
Shot down like falling rain

He can talk they all talk
Up the case for war
war against the wild birds
Hunting in the raw
And now he thinks of Charlotte
I can honestly say
I do not think of charlotte
But the animals dismay

He and all his family
The females and the rest
Are quick to talk of losing game
When most of them invest
In killing on the Royal estates
And many species fall
To the big Royal guns of England
Yes Will, one and all

If you lot went it would be
A better place to be
All of you Royal hangers on
What I would like to see
Is you lot cast away from us
That alone might make
A safer world for animals
So please don’t be a fake

Making out and sounding off
For animals when you
cant wait to get those shot guns out
Hunting good and true
Frankly I don’t care a toss
For all the toffee nosed
As for the wild animals
Seemingly they posed

In forests and in darkly woods
And the gentry mob
Are out there with their guns a blazing
Every type of knob
Is shooting every which way
And when they get the urge
No wild life is sacred
The toffs all like to purge

so William take a tip from me
Stay off your high horse
The absurdity of listening
To you lot your dark force
Telling us about animals
We fight for everyday
Your ineptitude is out of place
And that’s all I can say

2 comments on “Prince William

  1. pam ward on said:

    This is so good and so TRUE unfortunately.

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