The thunderous drums of NOKOMIS crash down
From the sky
As her great light comes filtering down
We are woken wondering why
The new corn moon is radiant
Each moment shock waves flow
THe romance of the coming Autumn really startles so

The sky is full of blue tints
There’s anger up there we
Can feel it in our bones this morning
Man’s conquests probably
Upsetting the equilibrium
Sending shock waves everywhere
Weather modification is not seen as fair

We ants imagine we have power
With our nuclear bombs and shells
With our battleships and rockets
But the goddesses have spells
Far more powerful than ant stuff
We mortals have to share
This wake up call for everyone
Is to just be more aware

Of the arrogance that’s out there
Of the ignorance of man
Who messes with the Earth and sky
Without a valid plan
Ruining creation
Altering the true
Modifying plants and trees
Out there in the blue

With an empathy that’s missing
With warring factions rife
With women being set upon
And babes to facing strife
With animals in terror
Exploited every day
Cetaceans also slaughtered
In the cove in TAIJI Bay

Every where is ganging up
On the Angels and we know
Innocence and loving
Are where we ought to go
The wake up call is evident
The drumming we all heard
It reached into our marrow
More so than any word

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