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Who glitters in the salty spray
When the great sun shines
Whose elegance and majesty
Is open to the signs
Who openly absorbs the good
And Suffers the inevitable
That just no species should

Out across the spectrum
The diamond studded sea
Thrown into a chaos
By the banging boats that be
Frighteningly and creating
A treacherous path to where
The Japanese provide the anguish
And the darkly vile despair

Where pods are torn a’sunder
In the theatrics of life
Drawing down the evil
And the ensuing strife

The Bottlenosed and the Risso’s
Caught up in nets of woe
Lost souls from devotion
And their eternal glow
Who scurry in the slurry
And are wrestled in the sea
By the frogman with their dogma
Who beat us mercilessly

Waking up to murder
Suffering the pain
Staring into eternity
Lost in that refrain
All their spirits broken
In the froth of time
The uncanny rush of adrenaline
That forces out the chyme

Digestion takes a downer
Desirous of a way
Of fighting back emotions
And the order of the day
The skiffs are on the surface
Driving for all their worth
The pods their need is thriving
An Amassing of their worth

Some may lose the battle
And be driven to the cove
Where lust disgust and going
For bust
Are smashed inside that stove
Of utter degradation
The pulverisation there
Trapped inside the bobbing nets
And tarps of such despair

Hearing the cries of family
Suffering there too
Hopeful to escape back
In the safety of the blue
Yonder and to squander
That life force that now seems
Lost and gone forever
In the waves of violent dreams

The squalor of each moment
The sanctity of self
Labouring together
On the final shelf
Of certain aggravation
Of their great ugly hand
That grabs every emotion
Of our echo wonderland

Smashed till recognition
And strategy is lost
In the revolving door of darkness
The ultimate of cost
Desirous of a destiny
Delivering the same
And The ghastly ghoulish gripping
Gambling of blame

What is loathsome behaviour
In the melee of the sinned
The stoking down of innocence
In the confines where the wind
Grows with all its anger
Feeling angels in the midst
Torn into confusion
Really drawn off the piste

Where jackals of emotion
Lament each passing cloud
And suffer as the children suffer
In the descending shroud
Of gloom and doom and anger
Of the startling and wrong
As mothers lose their babies
And elegise in song

Across the bay of purity
Into the cove where hate
And violence comes a calling
And souls designate
The optimum conclusion
Death is coming fast
Pithed out of existence
By the steel rod that was cast

Their spinal columns feel the strain
And cracks under the weight
And the shaking and the shivering
And the silence and the state
As the gates of hell are opened
To the resonance of man
The Japanese inflict their hair kiri
And they plan
The downfall of the bottle. Ones
And the Risso’s and yes more
Angels caught up
In the throat of what
They all call war

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