Eyes of the world

The eyes of the world
The hearts and the minds
Are destined to suffer
As the drive it unwinds
The thrashing we see
Desperation and pain
Denounced by TAIJI’s
Malignant refrain

Herded like calves to the slaughter
Bobbing around in the sea
They have all the worst of intentions
And yesterday we were all free
Stolen we all are their victims
The felons the fisherman who
Are divorced from what was reality
Nothing about them is true

They are angry and nasty and evil
Not an ounce of affection there in
Coarse and unrefined and so entwined
In what is brutal murder and sin
The wails of the whales
And the Dolphins their dirge
Bobbing up and down
It’s the violent purge

They know and they feel it
Unlike the sick men
The woeful disorder
All wondering when
The slaughter begins
When each has to die
shoulder to shoulder
When Each has to cry

Watching the blood pour out of
Our friends
Knowing it’s happening soon how that sends
Us into a delusional state for we know
The whole family trees coming down
And won’t grow

It’s a holocaust moment for families to bear
We are now all dispirited
Though we are all aware
The end it is coming
The death knell we know
It’s pathetic to be here
And look at the glow

Of the sun going down
Of the horizon afar
Why were we drawn into here
Just to scar
And murder us why do they do what they do
It doesn’t seem right
In the wake of the few

If we only could fly
And all just get away
We all love to live
And go out and play
The irksomeness waiting
The hours leaden through
The stress and the worry
That’s starting to brew

These villainous rogues
Out of down town TAIJI
With the banger boats
They look for the free
Spirits below them
Hopeful they can
Cause chaos and mayhem
For that is their plan

We know you are watching
On your PC’s
Our live link to heaven
We are weak at the knees
Watching the torment
Feeling the pain
And the despondency
And the disdain

80 to 100 bottlenosed here
18-20 pilot whales fear
Clearly the inevitable
Coming their way
Death and destruction
For certain today

Some might go for training
The pretty ones who
Are trained and enslaved
Thats what TAIJI do
The rest will be murdered got rid of that’s right
And some of our babies
Thrown back in spite

Just taken back to die all alone
Or be eaten by sharks
Those we have known
Kidnapped for nothing
And left to the sea
And not even interested now
Where they be

If you humans could hear us
Our scream are so loud
For two miles or more
There is this ongoing shroud
Of noise rolling outwards
Out of the bay
Towards the great
Open sea far far away

It acts as a warning
With battle lines drawn
How most of us are now destined
To be torn
From this incarnation
To another we hope
Really it’s whether
We can all cope

To be with your best friends
You have known for years
With sweethearts and mothers
All sharing the fears
The woes and the teardrops
Now falling like rain
The humiliation
From who are the insane

These bastards are at it
No emotion in sight
Their breathing and pithing
Rods and their fingers all white
Contorted faces small piercing eyes
And a stench Of hot death
That they don’t realise

So many of us are going to die
Our blood and our sinews
Are going to lie
Polluting the cove
All the crimson again
All the froth and the snot
That will rapidly drain

We bob and we weave
we dance in the spray
We know you can see us
Out there today
Dying inside choking abroad
Waiting our turn
Death by the sword

That’s when we shudder
That’s when we sway
Watching a lover stolen away
Hearing a child lost and alone
Hearing the crunch of the rod on their bone
It tears at the heartstrings
Ripping into the soul
We know we are finished
They are in control

What you can do for us
Boycott this crowd
Don’t buy their products
They are under a cloud
Torturing bastards
Unworthy of note
With Tears In My eyes and a lump in my throat

Let’s wish them all as little pain as is possible

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