Dumbing down is working

Humans are easily fooled these days
But animals at least
Instinctively know what feels right or wrong
And any beast
Coming under fire from the vibrations of the earth
Tsunami’s earthquakes solar flares
The animals show their worth

Smart meters cell phones wifi
Tetra and the rest
We are digitally sorted
And sadly ultra stressed
Animals have vivid senses
They soon realise
Radio waves and micro waves
Are not what we surmise

They feel the harm
And a far from calm
About them for they feel
They know it disrupts their systems
For them it is very real
for us we are the brainwashed breed
we are numb and dumbed down too
The various radio active signs
That really do pass through
Our psyche and our auric veil
And sensitivity
The canaries In the mines
Are growing weaker tragically

There are still sensitive people
But the young around today
They live off all this energy
They are vampires so to say
The tips of their fingers resonate
It’s the new drug on the block
They have to be connected
It’s creating a new flock
The term sheeple has entered
Our vocabulary
But I prefer to describe it
As redesigned digitally

We are creating cyborgs
With the Vaccinations too
Inducing these new children
To interact it’s true
A massive need for the energy
tuned into the extreme
Imbalanced by it actually
And unable to redeem

What was sensitivity
A grounding and an earth
The animals generally have this
And in fact that is the worth
Of wildness they are naked
In the sense such feelings are
Not subject to insulation
Which is ranging near and far

This electric smog is Everywhere
Everywhere we go
GPS Just so much stress
More Infact than we know
It’s hard now to escape
These paths of surveillance and beyond
I wish we could go back in time
To the magic from the wand

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