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The supposed moon landing

The conflict of thought The arrogance sought It’s the failure of soul And the will to control To inflict on us all Really to overhaul Our emotions in thinking Science did call A tune if you like Call us out … Continue reading


I worked from the age of ten Paper round milk round bakers round and coalman Then when I was 15 got a job in an office Of a food and wine merchants in Eastcheap. I had wanted to leave school … Continue reading

Digital genius you might be

The genius who made computers Digital brains may be Presumptive script It’s bloody well ripped Through the heart of me Is it your intelligence So robotic through and through Or is it you are just the Pratt Who does what … Continue reading

Help us

Who glitters in the salty spray When the great sun shines Whose elegance and majesty Is open to the signs Who openly absorbs the good And Suffers the inevitable That just no species should Out across the spectrum The diamond … Continue reading

Research says Japan

JApan has its excuse Of wearing its own noose Minke whales are killed YES their blood is spilled With their numbers declining There is no silver lining The Japanese outpouring Is altogether warring RESEARCH! Tell me another Who believes the … Continue reading

The war and Germany

I am an old man now And I watched the film HELLSTORM And I felt sickened to my very core Of the horror that was dealt By allied planes across GErmany’s cities And the lies Told by allied governments And … Continue reading

TAIJI fisherman and trophy hunters via the Japanese perspective

They are all just foreigners What really can they do Shout their silly slogans In real terms just a few WE can go on killing And segregating some Making lots of money The activists are dumb They can’t do a … Continue reading

TAIJI Fisherman and trophy hunters

Shove a metal rod into your spine And watch you die Hammer a wooden peg into the wound And if you cry Look away at last The Dolphins blood won’t taint the sea And make it hard with the activists … Continue reading

Taiji’s fisherman and trophy hunters

There’s a wave of discontent with those Of us who are sick and tired Of being so respectful Of the fisherman I am fired Up with them They listen to nobody at all They are a bunch of violators Who … Continue reading

Patriarchal killing of a matriarch

This is a cow a female cow A blunt knife and a fool An ugly defacement It’s so easy to call This is known as halal As the cow just ran away In agony,the ultimate, it’s terror it does pay … Continue reading