The day of departure

The day of departure
Some light in the sky
Some hefty old clouds around
But dare we try
To figure out why here the clouds
Look like clouds
Not great trails of chemicals
Falling in shrouds

Here we see greenery
And feel the roar
Of the wind it comes purposefully
It makes us sure
At Wise and at CAT it answers a call
It’s part of the fabric
Made for us all

A spirit and love
For the world that we know
With Nature our ally our object to grow
Slowly and organically
Maintaining ones worth
Providing a future on this Planet Earth

It’s never easy to do all things well
The option to improve a hard act to sell
Man hours are costly in the current world
Where digital intercourse really has hurled
It’s waste full integrity down on us all
We are governed by being connected the call
Of the wild is a lost cause in so many ways
Which is why being here at CAT now seems to raise

One’s consciousness upwards it’s close up I see
To the wild natural parchment that spreads earnestly
Around us it’s out there before us and we
Can soak up its splendour and must try to be
Immersed in its aura for wisely we see
The picture the future the life force that we
Should all now connect with, re cycle compost
Save just be prudent if it comes at a cost
The digital highways the gridlock of pain
The cost to the planet for our private gain

The concept is marvellous its sharing the power
Constancy creates concern for each hour
A coming together
Of like minds to free
The digital clutter and the destruction of chee

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