Karakoram Highway a victim

The gojal region of Pakistan
The northern most part to where
CHina’s welcome is on their doorstep
But for one soul the despair
Of being caged up being left
Alone in this vile cell
Captured presumably some time ago
And left to live in Hell
Qaafila tourist outfit
Has told Facebook today
About his silent warrior
Growing weaker everyday
The snow leopard trust
Should see this
Perhaps between these two
Organisations something can be
Done that is my view
Perhaps we can collect some money
For the transportation back
Either into China
Or Pakistan the rack
This poor soul is now living on
Needs an urgent effort here
Surely we all could help and bit
And bring this poor soul cheer

Snow leaopards want the habitat
The snowy mountainous climes
Of course they need prey
Throughout each day
And these are trying times
But surely we can do something
To help this wild soul be
Freed from this caged up Hell hole
And back to liberty

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