Tiger tiger the light force King
Fully grounded and able to bring
A genuine spirit to all who sees
His vertical stripes among the trees

A solitary fellow whose rank is high
With a primacy that does apply
A supremacy that one can feel
beyond compare and very real

There was a time when his range was far
But habitat loss and the poachers are
Taking their toll on Panthera too
As the wild are tamed and only
A few

Are left to wander and to outshine
a champion on the front line
Embracing its role to guarantee
To all the things it wants to be

Today is tiger day I hear
The guy with the stripes that so many fear
He is part of the whole yet walks alone
His solidarity is his own

A lot of respect it comes his way
He is self sufficient for others pay
Attention when he ambles by
organised and And how he can fly

Ungulates and bovids run
For he makes out he is the sun
The Shade the shadow
The moon the rain
The migrant with it all to gain

He’s methodical and rules supreme
He is harmony and can soon redeem
Himself for his undertakings are
Perfect really for he is a star

Limitless energy when he goes
A Evanescence I do suppose
His camouflage is a perfect sense
In the forest dark or the grasses dense

Everyday is his day In fact
When he lays himself down
He can so react
To the slightest sound and movement
Is up like the lark
And into a tree

Tiger tiger the spirit fire
Sustained action
An obsessive pyre
The heat he builds on
All can know
When he’s on the prowl
They had better go

His destiny well who can say
It’s threatened I think
The cause today
Is poaching the vile ones
Paid to be
Ogres of adversity

The Chinese market
Is growing fast
Traditional Medicines die
Is cast
They want his bones
His whiskers too
They want his penis
Yes they do

Quackery drives these markets high
A violence that does underlie
The brutal and the bellicose
For the fellow that’s so grandiose
With prices steady year on year
The Tigers trails they have to fear
The future is apparently
Unstable for their truancy

Well paid rogues
With corruption rife
A band of brigands
Each with a knife
Can cut him down
And make him see
That a tiger has no place to be

The natural world
Is failing fast
As the goddess sits on high
As the greatest power t hat ever was
Is murdered really just because
The human mind has a wickedness
Which is why wild souls
Feel so much stress

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