Few now aware

A fish gasps for air
A refugee too
Nobody cares about them
And do you?
Do you care for me
You don’t know me so why
Would you be perturbed
If I was to die

Drowned off some beach
Lost in the sea
Gasping for air
A poor refugee

Or one of the pilot whales
Dragged in and killed
Decapitated my precious blood spilled

a fish gasps for air
Life screams straight at me
But I turn away
Has gone though the crossroads
And very few care
Fish, refugee
Even less unaware

What can I do they say
I have my life
Wherever I look all I see
Is strife
The world’s going mad
That seems to me
So we are losing some fish
And a refugee
And you I don’t know
No matter for I
Am still full of spirit
And don’t wish to die

The poor refugee
Has the same thoughts as I
As does the fish looking up at the sky

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