Asiatic Lions

The roar is a voice out of no where
It springs from the inside to wake
Those who would hear it and shudder
For honestly it is no fake
Almost 400 reside here
In India Gir National Park
Acacia and scrub and grasslands extend
And rocky hills rise to a mark

The matriarch she is the queen of the pride
Males come into mate but that’s all
She and her sisters will feed and look after
Will train up and generally school
It’s a reasonably affable story
There is plenty of wild game around
They may take some Maldari livestock
But there is plenty of food on the ground

They care about lions here Gujarat
Honouring them from the start
natural instincts are working
And most of it comes from the heart
Male lions have distinctive skin flaps
And much lesser manes than before
In Africa clearly not the same animals
But the males lions do lay down the law

The Maldari herd cattle they do that each day
In the mornings they set out
In the evening they pay
Attention to protecting them in pens of thorn
Used only for milk flesh food they scorn
They sing in the morning a musical lot
An historical pastime which clearly has got
Enough to create enough sustenance and they
Clearly eNjoy simple lives I should say

The lions have it pretty good
It’s natural and they
Hunt for wild game just the same
One can say
Yas any wild lion
And they seemingly are
Happy and healthy
Each one a star

300 Leopards live in the Gir
Only a half of the weight so there’s fear
Over the Lions but they seem to get by
300 bird types and reptiles that lie
Out on the swamps in so many ways
This place is heavenly at every phase
There is great respect from the people
Who care
Who stay well away
But seemingly share

THANKS TO THE BBC for such a lovely gentle film

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