Sledgehammering the ultimate patriarchal dissent

A running sore within my heart
Are Australians who feel
Its right to export females
Despite what we reveal
Born on Australian farms we be
Then shipped across the salty sea
To Vietnam for slaughter
Where a serpents tooth there be
The slaughterhouse so below par
So hellish so much pain
We are female sensitives
Under immense strain

The shipment and the journey
Is ugly and full of fear
We are never fed or watered
Thats very clear
Imagine that the signals that light up
In your head
That is intimidation and cruelty
And I’m led
To believe the Australian Farmers
Are stone hearted in their way
Of shipping us to markets
Just because they pay

All the undertakings are not checked
Or verified
If they were they would not be let
And the truth is all denied
But for farmers to care for animals
They have to be aware
Of where they are going and what will become
Of them when they get there
In Their haste to wash their hands of it
And honestly not care
Makes me feel so very sad
For they have to be aware

Cows are very curious and loving in the flow
Being shipped by truck to port
They are living souls you know
They think they fear they suffer
Why should they be resigned
To being treated badly
By what are the unrefined
Loaded on a ship and left to stand
There it must be
Like some vile arena
Full on adversity
The wretchedness of not knowing
The misfortune of it all
Calamitous and dreadful
Chained up on a wall

Movement, a sea crossing
Being thrown about
Treated just like cargo
They must have so much doubt
The idea of no food and no drink
Is a selfish and vile idea
No food no shit just imagine it!
Thats the excuse to cheer

Fearful starved and aching
From standing in a hold
If the weather is stormy
Then of course they are rolled
Being bruised and abused
On their journey to the East
To the hell whole that is Vietnam
A place you would go to least

Manhandled screaming in a language
Foreign to your ears
Kicked and punched and knocked about
Look hard folks see their tears
Its patriarchal torture
Young females in distress
Really truly suffering
And ultimately no redress

Herded into bloodied sheds
Chained against a wall
Screams we hear those awful screams
And each lowing call
The noise the jangling chains
The thugs the smell
Of death its there its obvious
In the slaughterhouse of Hell

They stand holding a sledgehammer
You hear each rabid howl
The hammer falls And splits our heads
The agony is foul
Kicking like the clappers
As your life they derail
Australia they left you to this mayhem
To this pain
To the masculine malevolence
And the laxity of gain

All your hopes and wishes
Of the blue skies up above
All you wanted dearly was someone
To show some love
But psychopathic evil
And a satanic woe
How is it fair to end up here
Where no one wants to know

Its not fair that it ends like this
The Australians didn’t care
They put us on those crazy ships
And shipped us anywhere
They left us to the mercy
Of savages of sin
If we had known what was to be our fate
We would have jumped in

To the sea given half the chance
Why face all this and die
Not fed not given a measly drink just thoroughly
Neglected, its a lie
The farmers they were never friends
It was money all the way
Signing deals we know how that feels
When only the victims pay

We have hearts and minds
We have eyes to see
How immoral human beings be
We feel thirst and suffer
Yes we do
And you won’t feed us in case we poo
You minimise the mess we make
All the shippers they are fake

It is only humane who think this way
To torture us and make us pay
To put the fear of god to work
In our psyche now does lurk
Your ugly demons we can feel
Our end is near it does reveal
A morbid sickening sense of awe
That humans have within their core

Australia’s live Export trade
Is draconian and on them is laid
The harassment and oppression there
The pitilessness it isn’t fair
The rule of might the tyranny
The denizens of vile despair
Rigorous to the extreme
Unsparing of each savage scream

Grasping overbearing thought
Heavy handed brutal sport
They treat us roughly inflicting pain
With hardened hearts for nominal gain
They intimidate and terrorize
They bludgeon us before our eyes
Subjugate and grind us down
No softness in this bloody town

They are our masters thats for sure
We females feel it more and more
We nurture life we hold the key
We are servants of their infamy
They be the keepers of our fate
We are their convicts and our state
Was being weakened by the hour
Ground down by their constant power

The money grabbing bastards they
Get the dosh and walk away
Income earned each victim burned
By these vile farmers who are not concerned
We are the sacrifice the forfeiture
The depreciation and perdition pure
Denuded and bereft are we
The insolvent symphony

We became just merchandise
Stock in trade a sack of rice
Bought and sold just like so much
Shit in fact so out of touch
With reality and humanity
Thats live exports actually

Its the shekels they can bank
We just have to be that frank
Grease the palms of the banksters who
Duck and dive you know thats true
Money power and fiduciary
Depreciated currency

Opulence for the farming clan
They make their fortune when they can
As to us females they don’t care
All their so called terms
They do not share
Well heeled credit worthy thugs
Who line their pockets booty bugs

Most are skinflints miserly
Do their business grizzly
Mean an mingy stingy they
Thats the order of each day
We are the victims after all
Gift less chained up to the wall
The sledgehammer approach we get
It gets the buyers out of debt

And thats the vilest stupor here
The delayed reaction the constant fear
The insouciance the indifferent way
We are treated here and made to pay
A coarseness it just feels dead pan
Blind to deaf to new age man
The patriarchal symphony
That deafens us all eventually

MY APPEAL IS to ban live exports
It is purely slavery criminality and death
For innocent females in the main victims
Of profit that has a serious karmic debt
Attached to it.

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