I pad

16 months I have had my Apple I pad
i use it every day to write my blog
suddenly the other day it died on me
it didn’t want to work I make it slog
of course I do, I write a lot of poetry
but sixteen months is nothing really it
should have worked much harder and much longer
instead it broke down and so where I sit

loads of poems fester in my brain box
but APPLE say theres not much we can do
YES we make the finest I pads anywhere
but NO they breakdown yes it happens too
we guarantee them for one year of working
after that mate you can fit the bill
so that is how I end up borrowing someone else
Mac Book
my blog you see I have so much to fill

I am in the winter of my only life
Poetry is really what I do
appealing to the people and the animals
how long have I got I am old not new
the I pad was a tiny little baby
its lifetime drenched in failure from the
if this is what we expect from good old APPLE
its no wonder poets die from a broken heart

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