Monthly Archives: June 2016

The absurdity of death

beautiful creatures that live in the wild in accordance with Nature just anyones child a real validity creations gift to us all everyone of us if you get my drift enlightenment its out there judgement as well the absence of … Continue reading

The little black bull

a baby its a baby as quiescent as could be it just wants to lie down and rest as anyone can see the bullring and the audience the matadors now try wanting it to fight them but it doesn’t want … Continue reading

South Africa you bring shame on yourself

South Africa can whistle down the wind to me Can make so many excuses but cannot make me see How they leapt like lemmings down into their pit their iconic Kings and Queens they treat like so much shit from … Continue reading

RAHUL of Mumbai

Technical Support from Three the people flogging phones and I phones everywhere I pads too are sold on contract and when things go wrong the lads and lassies in Mumbai then share their expertise their service and their caring the … Continue reading

I pad

16 months I have had my Apple I pad i use it every day to write my blog suddenly the other day it died on me it didn’t want to work I make it slog of course I do, I … Continue reading

if only the Lobster

for the lobsters of this world to lose their freedom as all the Lobsters do most every day they give up all that ocean to climb into a pot and have not the mean intelligence to say its very nice … Continue reading

Paths out of here

which path do you take Master where the oak tree’s grow or where the Birch looks silvery Tell me so that I know shall I take the path of Druidry robe up feel its worth love the true surroundings on … Continue reading

The Rollrights Stones with the Cotswold Order of Druids

The poppies danced a Summer Solstice ballet mesmerising Chipping Norton, they the crimson of their petals in the greyness of the morning on what turned out to be a dull old day rain was threatened almost every moment and so … Continue reading

Life changing

The incisiveness An ardour the vivacity and verve inspired and Impassioned with every single inch of nerve A doctor so incensed by the extraordinary events each an eloquent deposition that clearly did incense what is his whole being The sonar … Continue reading

Summer Solstice

The solstice brings an energy a perception of the whole tempered by an auric veil explaining our true soul the responsiveness is instant an effusiveness remains a kind of intoxication with an impact that just gains that tantalising feeling both … Continue reading