Wat Pha Luang Tan Bua.(Tiger Temple)

The imaginary and unrealised
Temple in the East
Where 147 Tigers
Are soon to be released
Out of the artless clutches
Of the supposed Abbot who
Made fantasy commonplace
And tragically untrue

With Exploitation rampant
A business model there
Really as inappropriate
You could sense the despair
Care was misdirected
Thought misplaced as well
A temple should feel like heaven
But this place felt like Hell

The tigers clearly were suffering
In multifarious ways
Cubs taken from their mothers
And bottle fed for days
You often saw them vomit
And Tiger parts we know
Were really a massive business
And one that seemed to grow

Tigers were going missing
So doubts were in the minds
Of even the workers helping
They could see all the signs
Of mystery surrounding
The tigers said to be
Part Of TIGER Temple
But missing actually

And very little exercise
Sitting around all day
Fed on just boiled chickens
Which really was no way
To supplement their diet
They needed red meat and
Tiger Temple just said NO
And they made that stand

Of the massive amounts of money
For the tigers sadly they
Didn’t get much of it
Look the other way
The temple full of gold and jewels
And cruelty galore
Exploitation obvious
Its happened more and more

The mix of wild animals
And tourists isn’t good
Anything is possible
They are dangerous and they could
Easily harm the visitors
Health and safety was
Really never on the cards
And that was just because

It was such a money spinner

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