The tigers are leaving

Lead them away
Take them away
All the tigers
They were so
Threatened and tortured
as we all know

They were the Emperors in their own way
Treated like Asses
And made to pay
The monks were wicked
And lacked all charm
They shattered all images
And caused much harm

Facing rejection and suffering so
Passionless and unimpressed
It was a show
Unbidden listless loveless and cold
With holding their wildness
Their eminence sold

To really any bidder
Restrained in a way
Despite their quiet valour
A high price they did pay

Subjected they were to the
Wisdom of blame
Lead them away
Just let them claim
A sanctuary somewhere
A haven of peace
Where they may find love
And a timely release

To those vile monks I say
On your knees you best pray
Pray for forgiveness
And your judgement day

It Is fast coming
When you Will feel the pang
Of the great tigers claws
And may be a fang
Or two
We can hope
That the wilderness will
Give up its courage
And your blood they spill

Lead then away
To the light of the day
Where a calmness is sought
Where peace is the thought
On everyones mind
In everyones heart
And in leading them out of there
A brand new start

A new way a reality
Born out of dread
Out of torment and evil
Where the living dead
Can come back to life
To a wildness beyond
To a great grassy meadow
Beside a quaint pond

A place to relax to
Where humans are not
A wild place for them
One hell of a spot
Their haven their home
Where only they be
Away from indifference
And of course apathy

The tigers are being taken from today it will take
May be 8 days to clear them all
But there are other animals that need homes away
From these cruel monks masquerading as angels

They were never angels

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